Pink Lemonade Cube

$ 90.00

16 Pack 

375ml cans | 4.2% Alcohol Volume | 1.2 Standard Drinks per can | No THC

Indulge in the perfect blend of nostalgia with our charged Pink Lemonade, balancing the timeless flavours of childhood with a grown-up twist . Expertly crafted using real raspberry and lemon flavour, and homegrown cannabis sativa (hemp) harvested, fermented and distilled on our family farm in Denmark, WA.

Made in partnership with nature using water sourced from Raintree spring aquifers and no artificial colours or flavours.

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Whole Hemp

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Nothing Wasted

Made in Australia

The hemp used in our products is grown and crafted entirely on the family farm in Denmark.

We use whole plants in our fermentation and distillation process, with any vegetation byproduct used to regenerate the soil or feed the happy herd of Black Angus on our farm at Raintree. These are just some of the ways we're closing the loop to ensure nothing is wasted.

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